Clauneck Bank Dirt

Papa Croc's Magic Shop

$ 30.00

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In Palo Mayombe almost nothing is done without the earth/dirt or N'Toto.
The earth must come from a specific place and collected under specific conditions, then it must be prepared.
 Much is the same with Conjure or Hoodoo, which many think comes from New Orleans Voodoo. No, Conjure or Hoodoo is from the Appalachian mountains and practiced by German immigrants who used the Grimoires of Europe. 
This bank dirt is prepared under the Geotia spirit Clauneck, spirit of wealth and treasure. All the oils, blood, and other ingredients are added and the dirt blessed.
Add a pinch to ANY working you have towards money, or acquisitions for wealth. use it to dust the front door of a business, add to an oil, toss a little in a amulet, or sprinkle a tiny amount over your head. 
This amount will last a long time!