Consultations and Divination through Goetic Daemon Possession.


$ 63.00

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This working will allow you to submit 36 questions to be answered directly by a Goetic Daemon (of your choice) from the Grimorium Verum while I am under possession. 

Each of the Goetic daemons have their own unique dominions and principalities.

Each Goetic daemon can answer any and all questions you have, but according to their inclinations, they will answer your queries differently from one another. 

I will not do this type of consultation over the phone.

Speaking with a Goetic daemon can be an unnerving experience as unlike other spirits in my house, the Goetic daemon can be opportunistically antagonistic. 

This is of little matter however as the solid, spot on, and uncanny advice which comes through consulting the Goetoc daemons have made them the foundation of all European magical traditions for well over a thousand years. 

A email will be provided to send your questions and I will reply back with the answers. 

I will also reply back with any messages, warnings, insights, etc that the Goetic daemon has directly for you, and I will be available to answer follow up questions about the consult for no extra charge and this can be done over the phone. 

In the picture provided I am under the posession of the Goetic daemon Guland.