Corpse Light Candle of the Goetic Spirit Bifrons *Necromancy*

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$ 30.00

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This profound alchemy of both sorcery and spiritism is known as the Corpse Light of the goetic daemon Briforns. 

Brifron's necromantic votive's requires it's ingredients be gathered from a cemetery between the hours of midnight and dawn. The components wrapped in burlap and never again shall sunlight fall on the materials until the Corpse-Light Candle of Bifrons finished.

A magical process called “eternal night”. 

During these nocturnal souljorns at the cemetery I have caught glimpses of the ghoulish Bifrons eerily skulking about the tombs near where i have drawn his sigil. 

Bifrons is no spirit of the deceased but a sub-lunar astral daemon who enjoys treading the shores of the great sea of the dead, rather than the turbulent and airy astral realm.

Briforns is the rare Goetic daemon who lends influence over the dead and many aspects of Necromancy.

According to the common lore, Bifrons can relocate dead bodies and make candle-like illuminations appear over gravestones.

The truth about these attributes is best left to the initiated. However this wondrous candle contains the functions of Bifrons’s closely guarded secrets, and can be used by both initiates and non-initiates alike.

When lit the Corpse-Light Candle of Bifrons not only attracts errant spirits of the dead like moths
to a flame, but perhaps more impressively, renders these phantoms visible within the radius of the candle’s light.

This splendid beacon aids in medium work, and enhances paranormal investigations.

The specters drawn to the Corpse-Light of Bifrons are simply curious and desire attention, but these spirits must be directed to depart once the session is over least they become obsessive over the light bearer.

Full instructions, incantations and directives to depart are included with the Corpse-Light Candle of Bifrons.

The candle need only be lit for a few minutes at a time as incantations are spoken to draw the dead near and as such will last the operator for MANY investigations.