Daemon Sergulath working to defeat your enemies, break their ranks and undo their designs

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The daemon Sergulath is a formidable warlord, brilliant strategist and skillful general. Sergulath is a top ranking daemon within the Grimorium Verum who is well known, among those truly in the know, for devising highly successful battle plans, organizing victorious counter strikes and demolishing enemy formations. There are times when an enemy makes themselves out to be a real problem, they are well versed in staying outside the reach mundane retribution and or hold a position of power over you like a boss, a judge, a politician or a cop. Maybe you have run afoul of a gang, a cartel, coven or some other group of people willing to mobilize against you, cause you excessive trouble or even ruin you. Sergulath is a daemon that can be of great benefit. With the invaluable aid of Sergulath we can reach right through those artificial power structures, and toss a nasty monkey wrench in the machine, lay waste to the best of plans, foil plots and turn allies against each other. Sergulath is master of causing such great distress and mishap in the lives of your enemy or enemies...you simply cease being the focus as they have so much chaos appearing else where that they no longer have the time or energy to target you.