REAL Oracle Head

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$ 3,000.00

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The skull is the seat of consciousness. All a person's thoughts, hopes, and dream broadcast from out his or her head. So saturated with an individual's consciousness, a person's skull becomes a pivotal focus point for any would be necromancer to develop an ally within the realm of the dead. Necromancy, even with all it's additional trappings, is communication, or speaking with the dead at it's base. All human remains are valuable conduits to contacting the dead, however... it is the skull which really holds this mystery. European Necromancy is a vast and deep arcanum, ancient, fearless and still alive and well today. I present an authentically prepared "Oracle" Head, a skull which the spirit of it's owner has been favorably contacted, sweetened to the task, and well cared for. This Oracle Head will, or should be, the focus of your Necromantic work. This skull when tended too, given light, and libations, will speak prophecy to its keeper. The spirit of the skull will also preform work and tasks for the keeper. Warning them of danger, giving them insights, and keeping them, healthy and out of poverty. I must stress, this is not and prop or a curio. This is an authentic Oracle Head which will yield wondrous and splendid results. Full details, instructions, and ritual methods given with purchase.